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Are you ready to make life your own adventure?

My Walk My Way book

If you are exhausted from doing life the
"right way" and comparing yourself to others, we invite you to take inspiration from courageous women. Through these personal stories, you will read how they faced
their challenges one step at a time.

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Capture the Beauty

" You're not a victim for sharing your story. You are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth. And you never know who needs your light, your warmth and raging courage." 

- Alex Elle

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Author Bio

Mindy Wilson

Mother, Author, Speaker, Advocate, & Educator

Hello, my name is Mindy Wilson! I wear many hats as a mom, paraeducator, student, Author, and certified Motivational Speaker. I am an Advocate for domestic violence, as a survivor myself, and am committed to bringing awareness and creating a safe and informative culture. Being a parent who has witnessed the battle of pediatric migraines first hand, has led me to becoming a dedicated Advocate for other families also experiencing this type of condition.

I am a mom to three amazing resilient children. Some of my hobbies I love to do when I have free time are exercising, going on nature walks or hikes, scrapbooking, writing, playing anything with my kiddos, going on adventures, and skydiving; yes, skydiving!

I fell in love with writing as a way to help me personally through hard trials and it has grown into writing stories to help others. My passion in life is to use my experiences for motivational speaking and writing to help others live their fullest life.

Meet Mindy


domestic abuse advocate

My vision for the future is for a world where survivors have a voice, feel supported, and are empowered through stories and communities. A world where chronic illness doesn't say what we can or can't do. As an Advocate it is my mission and passion to educate and empower everyone to live their best lives.

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Jane Leaps Through Headaches Childrens Book

Jane is a young girl in fourth grade who suffers from bad headaches but is very interested in joining a competitive gymnastics team. Although her family is nervous about the idea they support her. Jane knows she is a little different when she is at school and just wants to be like all the other children. To help keep the headache monster away she has to do things a little differently like having a water bottle, special bracelet with oils, medicine and annual chiropractor visits. However this does not stop Jane from pursuing her passion of gymnastics with family by her side and some courage she learns anything is possible.

New Book


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